IMG_3391Nathanial Long

Project Manager

Nathanial is a senior in Aerospace Engineering. He has worked for RadioBro corporation for 3.5 years part time, while pursuing his degree with responsibilities in product design, technical management, and business development. Nathanial is considering both graduate school and working after graduation.

IMG_3388Bao Ha

Safety Officer

Bao is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. Having always had a passion for rockets and airplanes, Bao knew he had to be a part of Charger Rocket Works. He is going to continue his graduate education at UAH after graduation. He hopes to one day start a career in the aerospace industry doing what he loves.


IMG_3360Davis Hunter

Launch Vehicle Lead; Subscale Design

Davis is a senior Aerospace Engineering major. He has completed two rotations at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in the Space Systems department designing and building a testbed for active deployment of a CubeSat tether. Having worked on many high-power rockets through the Space Hardware Club, he is excited to serve as the launch vehicle lead and continue his work at NASA after graduation.

IMG_3384Brian Chubb

Launch Vehicle Forward Subsection Design

Brian is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. He has interned at Boeing where he worked on the new 777X airliner, along with interning at CFDRC where he helped build a computational fluid dynamics solver for NASA. He is excited to design and fabricate the upper airframe of the rocket to successfully house and deploy the rover. He hopes to start a career in the aerospace industry in Huntsville after graduation.

IMG_3352Walter Pico

Launch Vehicle Payload Piston

Walter is a senior Aerospace Engineering major. He has always had a fascination with flight, however it wasn’t until a high school physics class that he became interested in aerospace engineering, in particular rockets and spacecraft. He will be working on the forward section of the launch vehicle with a primary focus on the payload deployment system. He looks forward to applying what he has learned in the classroom to a physical project. He hopes to take the lessons learned from the project and apply them in his career upon graduation.

IMG_3363Chloe McFadden

Launch Vehicle Central Subsystem Lead

Chloe is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. She has previously interned with NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center in Propulsion Technology Development and with the Jacobs ESSSA Group in Solid Rocket Booster Insulation Development. She is excited to participate in the recovery system and avionics as the Central Subsystem Lead for her first year with CRW. After graduation, she hopes to continue her career as a Materials Engineer in the aerospace industry.

IMG_3345Ray Sherbourne

Launch Vehicle Coupler Subsection; Black Powder Charges

Ray is a senior in Mechanical Engineering, He grew up in 6 states and thinks Rocket City is amazing. He discovered a fascination with engineering shortly after choosing his major at random from the STEM pool. Particular areas of interest in this field are alternative energy and colonizing the galaxy with a current focus on Mars. This is his first time pursuing an interest in rockets. He is looking forward to having hobbies again in the Spring.

IMG_3348Forrest McKee

Launch Vehicle Avionics and Tracking

Forrest is a senior Mechanical Engineering student. He has previously interned at SAIC in the IT department, and is currently a Mechanical Engineering intern at KBRwyle. At KBRwyle, he is responsible for reviewing technical drawings on the PATRIOT system to ensure that they adhere to ASME Y14.5 and were created using proper GD&T practices. Additionally, he has conducted a thermal analysis for a data center in order to optimize power consumption and cooling efficiency. He is excited to gain valuable electrical engineering and programming skills from his duties involving avionics and tracking. Forrest hopes to start a career in DoD post graduation.

IMG_3339Justin Hobbs

Launch Vehicle Aft Subsystem Lead; Simulation

Justin is a senior Mechanical Engineering student. Rocketry has always been an interest of his, however, he’s never had to ability to participate in. He is excited to participate in the manufacturing and testing of the vehicle, as well as work on the aft subsection of the vehicle in all aspects. He is also looking forward to competing against other teams from around the nation. Justin hopes to one day pursue a career in missile defense or propulsion for space crafts.

IMG_3410Amanda Steinmetz

Launch Vehicle Motor Retention

Amanda is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. She became interested in this career path in the 6th grade during science class. During her time in high school she participated in an after school program CASA (Columbia Aeronautics and Space Association) where she simulated space missions with her fellow classmates; which helped to solidify her engineering dreams. Amanda is looking forward to working on her first high powered rocket and hopes to pursue a career in the aerospace industry.

IMG_3381Eric Zimovan

Launch Vehicle Computer Aided Design

Eric is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. He is very excited to work on this team as the Launch Vehicle CAD Lead. He has always had a passion for rocketry and knew he wanted to be an aerospace engineer ever since witnessing the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. He is very excited to learn more about rocketry from this project.


IMG_3375Andrew Weaver

Payload Lead

Andrew is a senior studying Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Russian language. He is a Pathways Intern for AMRDEC where he works at the System Simulation and Software Development directorate. He is excited to participate in the design of the rover and is particularly interested in the payload’s software development. Andrew will start his career at AMRDEC graduation.


IMG_3356Will Hill

Payload Chassis; Drivetrain Lead; Payload Computer Aided Design

Will is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. He is currently an intern at Boeing and has worked on 777X fuselage stress analysis and the Minuteman III Flight Test, Telemetry, and Termination program. He has a Tripoli Level 2 certification and enjoys high power rocketry. He is excited to use the skills and lessons he has learned from past projects to help develop a reliable rover payload as a part of the CRW team. Will is looking forward to starting a career in the aerospace industry.

IMG_3368Rebecca Hone

Payload Solar Panels; Payload Ground Station

Rebecca is a senior Aerospace Engineering student with a minor in mathematics. She is an intern for AMCOM and has been with them for two years now. She is looking forward to working with the payload ground station, gaining more experience in writing code. Rebecca is hoping to start working in the aerospace industry upon graduation.


IMG_3374Stephen Bailey

Rover Wheel Design; Payload Software

Stephen is a senior Mechanical Engineering student.  He has completed three co-op rotations at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama where he worked in the mechanical design, welding, and quality analysis departments.  He is excited to participate in designing and manufacturing the rover payload.


IMG_3414Dashiell Hajian

Payload Electrical System

Dashiell is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. He has worked as a research assistant to Dr. Brian Landrum of UAH’s MAE Department, completed a 2-semester engineering internship at Canvas, Inc., and worked for three months as a contract electrical engineer at InPro Electric, GmbH in Bremen, Germany. He has a passion for learning and mathematics and a strong interest in advanced propulsion and energy systems as well as electronics and computer science. After graduation, Dashiell hopes to attend graduate school for electrical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, among other possibilities.

IMG_3396Dr. David Lineberry

Mentor; UAH MAE 490/493 Course Instructor






IMG_3402Jason Winningham

Mentor; NAR/TRA Liasion






IMG_3403Evan Tingley

Mentor; MAE 490/493 Graduate Teaching Assistant