2019 Requirements: student_launch_handbook_2019

NASA Deliverables:

Proposal: UAH_USLI_Proposal

Preliminary Design Review:

UAH – 2019 – PDR – Report

UAH – 2019 – PDR – Presentation

UAH – 2019 – PDR – Flysheet

Critical Design Review: Check back around the first of the year

Flight Readiness Review: Check back in March

Post-Launch Assessment Review: Check back in April

Standard Operating Procedures:

Full-Scale Launch Procedures: PRC-SOP-USLI-021-V1-2018-Full-Scale-Launch

Payload Ejection Black Powder Demonstration: PRC-SOP-USLI-022-2018-Deployment System Black Powder Testing

Fin Can Loading Demonstration: PRC-SOP-USLI-019-FinCanLoading

Kinetic Energy Drop Demonstration: PRC-SOP-USLI-017-2019-Kinetic Energy Drop Demonstration

UAV Field Deployment and Flight Procedures: PRC-SOP-USLI-025-2019-UAV-Deployment-and-Flight

UAV Hover Demonstration:PRC-SOP-USLI-023-2019-UAV Hover Demonstration-Signatures

Black Powder Operating Procedures: PRC-SOP-USLI-005V1-2019-Black Power Full Scale

UAV Thrust Test: PRC-SOP-USLI-024-2019-UAV_Thrust_Test-Signatures-signed

UAV Flight Range Demonstration:PRC-SOP-USLI-024-2019-UAV Flight Range Demonstration

Payload Deployment Controller Demonstration: PRC-SOP-USLI-020-2019-Deployment Controller Demonstration

Sub-Scale Launch Procedures: REDLINES-PRC-SOP-USLI-016-2018-Sub-Scale-Launch.docx




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