Davis has been serving as the Rocket Team Lead. He has been organizing and assigning tasks within the rocket subsystem, as well as making sure the rocket works as a cohesive system. Davis is studying aerospace engineering with a minor in mathematics and is from Clarksville, Tennessee. He first became interested in engineering when he made paper airplanes as a kid and his interest grew as he participated in Science Olympiad in high school. When he first arrived at UAH he had no engineering classes which is when he decided to join the Space Hardware Club. Davis decided to take Rocket Design because he wanted to do a hands-on project. He is currently working at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center on in-space liquid propulsion and will continue to work there during his spring and summer semesters until he graduates in Fall 2019. After his graduation he will continue working at MSFC while completing his graduate degree or move to private industry. When Davis has free time he enjoys playing music on ukulele, tuba, marimba, and many others. He also enjoys pineapple on his pizza, reading books by Terry Pratchett, and listening to music by George Gershwin. During Launch Week, Davis is excited to meet teams from across the country and fly the rocket.

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