Chloe_McFadden (1) (1).JPG

Chloe is the Central Subsystem Lead and is responsible for the recovery system. This includes the recovery harnessing, parachutes, ejection systems, and avionics (namely the on-board altimeters). She is studying aerospace engineering and joins us from Nashville, Tennessee. She first became interested in engineering in middle school with she took a physics introductory class. In this class she realized how much she really loved math and science and how she could mesh that with her love of space history by becoming an Aerospace Engineer. Chloe decided to take Rocket Design because she loves designing and building rockets. In her freshman year of college she build her first rocket to get her Tripoli Level 1 Certification; by joining rocket design it was a fun way to learn new things in an area that she already loved. After graduation, Chloe will start working full time with Jacobs Engineering as a NASA Contractor in the Space Exploration Group as a high temperature polymer composites engineer. Her main responsibilities include the design and testing of new insulation formulations for the Solid Rocket Boosters on SLS and the ablative nozzle redesign which will be featured on the Advanced Boosters in future SLS missions. In her free time, Chloe is a very creative person so most of her hobbies involve making something fun and new whether it be through knitting, music, or baking! With Launch Week starting this week, Chloe is excited about meeting the other universities and learning more about their systems. She can’t wait to see how people got creative with their payloads!

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