Justin has been working on the aft section of the rocket as the aft subsystem lead, as well as the simulation lead. He is studying mechanical engineering and comes to us from Pulaski, Tennessee. Justin decided to study engineering because he’s always been interested in building things and knowing how things work. While he was growing up, he always has an interest in space and what was beyond Earth; he watched a lot of television and read books about space too. Because of his interested in space and what’s beyond Earth, he’s had an interest in rockets and missiles, Justin decided to take Rocket Design. While he had never had the ability to participate or be involved in high powered rocketry until now, he would like to pursue a career in missile defense or something spacecraft related after graduation. He’s always had a dream to be able to engineer something that is used in everyday life or helps defend the county. Ideally, he would like to get into the field dealing with energetics or propulsion systems, preferably through missile defense or Department of Defense related. When Justin is not working on the rocket or simulations, he enjoys playing video games, reading comic books and watching their movies,  and watching scary movies. Justin also believes that breakfast is an every time meal.

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