On March 3rd, while some team members were doing local outreach, and others were working on the FRR, the Charger Rocket Works team returned to Samson, AL to fly the competition rocket on the competition motor, the L1520. Four team members and the team’s mentor successfully flew the rocket to around 4700 feet. The rocket preparation went incredibly smoothly, but the flight an recovery were a bit more messy. Due to high wind speeds and a high stability margin, the rocket flew at a rather steep angle of about 15° causing the significantly lower than expected altitude. The rocket landed just beyond a nearby river stuck in 2 large trees roughly 3500 feet from the launch pad. After a couple hours of pulling with the help of local fliers and farmers, the team liberated the rocket from the tree, only damaging a shock cord and parachute, which will be easily repaired before the next flight. Now, having returned to UAH, the entire team is finishing up the FRR and planning for another flight test.

20180303_105601.jpgScreenshot_20180304-132824 Screenshot_20180304-133236

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