Four members of the Charger Rocket Works team traveled to Samson, AL on February 24th to fly with the SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society. The team departed from Huntsville at 4:20 am and stopped on the south side of Birmingham for breakfast. Once they got to the field, the team quickly set up its launch operations and began following our launch procedures. Due to the limited number of members at the field, all hands were busy assembling and no one was able to take photos of the preparation. The rocket was placed on the launchpad around noon after the FSU team flew their rocket. The launch was beautiful, but a little higher than expected with an apogee of 6894 feet. The team was able to recover the rocket after it drifted a little over a mile away. After thanking the TRA prefects who supervised the launch, we packed up and headed back to Huntsville with a stop in Montgomery for dinner. Due to our higher than predicted altitude, we petitioned NASA for a motor change waiver and now plan to fly an Aerotech L1520 at competition. A test flight with this motor is planned for March 3rd. Stay tuned for updates as we wrap up our flight readiness review, our final outreach event, and get another test flight in.DSC_0257DSC_0258DSC_0259DSC_0268

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