IMG_4069Forrest is a North Alabama native, coming to UAH from Athens, AL. He was inspired to study mechanical engineering because he enjoyed learning how and why things work the way they do. Mythbusters was also a source of inspiration. Forrest joined the CRW team because he had never had the opportunity to work with rockets and was interested in their manufacturing and design processes. His role on the team is to develop and operate the tracking and avionics electronics, as well as assisting with Finite Element Analysis to identify possible failure modes. After graduating, he wants to stay in Huntsville while working for the DoD and pursuing a Masters degree in mechanical engineering at UAH. Forrest enjoys the music of Julien Baker and movies like Good Will Hunting, Interstellar, and the Martian. He enjoys extra cheese, hot sauce, black olives, and sausage on his pizzas for late night work sessions.

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