The team arrived to the field in Childersburg, AL around 10:00 am and immediately started following our procedures to prepare the rocket for launch.IMG_3803IMG_3804IMG_3805IMG_3824Our project manager made sure our parachute wasn’t tangled.IMG_3838IMG_3848IMG_3852IMG_3854IMG_3867IMG_3868First flight of the day!IMG_3920IMG_3923IMG_3924IMG_3925IMG_3930IMG_3933IMG_3934IMG_3940IMG_3951IMG_3959IMG_3961After a successful launch and recovery, the team quickly turned the rocket around to launch again.IMG_4025IMG_4028IMG_4029IMG_4036IMG_4037IMG_4039IMG_4042IMG_4045The subscale reached a max altitude of over 3100 feet. Analysis of the flight data is underway!

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