#TeammateTuesday: Andrew W.


Andrew has been working on the rover payload as the payload team lead. He is studying aerospace engineering and is originally from Cumming, Georgia. Andrew first became interested in engineering when he was 12 years old and participated in FIRST Lego League and FIRST Robotics competitions. He decided on Rocket Design because it seemed like a fun way to really get to use everything that he had been taught in his classes. After graduation, Andrew plans to continue working at AMRDEC working on tactical missile simulations. He also plans on attending the University of Alabama in Huntsville for graduate school where he will specialize in Aerospace Systems. When Andrew isn’t working on the rover, he enjoys playing concert euphonium, trombone, and saxophone, speaking Russian, reading fantasy books from authors like Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, and unicycling.

#TeammateTuesday: Justin H.


Justin has been working on the aft section of the rocket as the aft subsystem lead, as well as the simulation lead. He is studying mechanical engineering and comes to us from Pulaski, Tennessee. Justin decided to study engineering because he’s always been interested in building things and knowing how things work. While he was growing up, he always has an interest in space and what was beyond Earth; he watched a lot of television and read books about space too. Because of his interested in space and what’s beyond Earth, he’s had an interest in rockets and missiles, Justin decided to take Rocket Design. While he had never had the ability to participate or be involved in high powered rocketry until now, he would like to pursue a career in missile defense or something spacecraft related after graduation. He’s always had a dream to be able to engineer something that is used in everyday life or helps defend the county. Ideally, he would like to get into the field dealing with energetics or propulsion systems, preferably through missile defense or Department of Defense related. When Justin is not working on the rocket or simulations, he enjoys playing video games, reading comic books and watching their movies,  and watching scary movies. Justin also believes that breakfast is an every time meal.

What’s Needed to Power Up for a Career in STEM

On March 15, members of the CRW team worked in conjunction with members of the UAH Space Hardware Club and a representative from the Air Force to present a workshop panel at the Huntsville Rocket City Regional for FIRST Robotics Competition. The workshop allowed for the robotics students to ask questions on what it is like to be in STEM fields. Questions ranged from how each person got started in their major or career to what kinds of classes should they take in high school (in terms of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Governor’s School, etc.). The panelists responded to the questions harmoniously despite coming from different backgrounds and wanting to achieve different goals. The panelists gave their insights on how they chose their college or career path. Other information and advice the panelists gave advice on was getting involved with a student organization, not rushing through school, and making sure follow passions even if it’s outside of engineering or STEM. The students seemed to be receptive to the advice and suggestions that the panelists had to give.


#TeammateTuesday: Will H.

12052432_104234916605944_1095326828362771002_oWill has been working on the mechanical design of the rover payload. He is studying aerospace engineering major and comes from Huntsville, Alabama. Will chose to study aerospace engineering because his grandfather worked for NASA and the Air Force and he also has a strong interest in rocketry and space exploration. He decided to take Rocket Design because of his previous experience with flying high power rockets, which is also a hobby of his. After graduation, Will will begin working at AMRDEC and will get married in December. Outside of school, Will enjoys watching Formula 1, cooking steak and barbecue, and playing video games.

#TeammateTuesday: Brian C.


Brian has been working on the payload fairing and transition section of the Rocket. He is an aerospace engineering major hailing from Overland Park, Kansas. Brian studied aerospace engineering because of his fascination with flight, which led him to Rocket Design as his senior project. He joined the team because he wanted a challenging project with a tangible result. After he graduates Brian will be working at MTSI modelling and designing missile systems. When he isn’t working on the rocket, Brian enjoys waffles and pizza without pineapples, as well as watching sci-fi movies like Guardians of the Galaxy.